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Why Us


Our recruitment service covers the sectors of Executive, Management, Infrastructure, Development and Operations.

Our methodology begins with identifying the client’s organization, culture, and precise human capital requirements. Knowing what type of person that would best resonate with such a criteria, we thoroughly research candidates and look beyond the resume to determine their compatibility.

Finding the right talent is crucial to a firm’s development. That’s the basis for our “Worry-free service guarantee” where we only charge fees upon a successful hire. Ensuring your investment in talent is a smart one.

Why do clients trust us?


The I.T. Team Who Knows I.T.
  • Over 70% of our recruiters have I.T. related backgrounds
  • High accuracy in identifying talents’ abilities and their potential
  • We speak I.T. language, facilitating communication between all parties
The I.T. Market Insider
  • Over 10 years of exclusive focus on the I.T. industry, familiarity is an understatement
  • Professional recruitment advice to help you navigate the decision-making process well-assured
Well-Established Database
  • Extensive database that’s more than 10 years in the making
  • Access to professionals beyond the current pool and strong industry networks who give personal referrals to locate hidden talents
Strategic Planning
  • Place strong value in strategic and team collaborations. A comprehensive recruitment process and tailor-made staffing plan which all round meet the needs of the client
  • Following analyses and dialogue with clients, specific resource allocation to select a dedicated consultant with the relevant focus and strengths
Compass Recruitment System
  • Our exclusive, self-developed candidate data system, among the industry’s few
  • Integrates all data to improve the efficiency and suitability of talent search
Abundant Recruitment Experience
  • In-depth understanding of various company cultures, talent criteria and internal structures and processes
  • Candidate qualification screening conducted at client’s discretion, provides ease of mind

Why do candidates choose us?

Common I.T. Language
  • With plenty of relevant IT experience, our consultants speak your language including the various qualifications and ins & outs of the profession. They are ready to learn about the requests and expectations you have for your future career
  • A bridge of communication between candidate and future employer, helping you attain the ideal position and benefits
Tailored Career Advice
  • Listening attentively, we provide personalised advice based on your background, experience and life goals
  • A partner you can rely on, we provide support during your career journey, from CV recommendations, interview preparation and rehearsal, accepting an offer, probation and on-board follow-up
Industry Insider Consultants
  • Having a firm grasp of the IT industry and corporate insights, we can offer specific and thorough interview advice, boosting your performance and the chance of being hired
  • Based on our knowledge of the IT industry, career paths and development forecasts we can guide you on planning your career blueprint