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Our recruitment service covers the sectors of Executive, Management, Infrastructure, Development and Operations.

Our methodology begins with identifying the client’s organization, culture, and precise human capital requirements. Knowing what type of person that would best resonate with such a criteria, we thoroughly research candidates and look beyond the resume to determine their compatibility.

Finding the right talent is crucial to a firm’s development. That’s the basis for our “Worry-free service guarantee” where we only charge fees upon a successful hire. Ensuring your investment in talent is a smart one.

Executive Search

If the people are the foundation upon which a company is built, then its senior management are its cornerstone. Bayou recognises the cruciality of identifying the right top management and has a team of consultants who are adept at handling the task with precision and tact.

What differentiates Bayou from other recruitment agencies ? Why are we able to find the best candidates for you ?

Scope of Recruitment

I.T. Infrastructure

🔹 System & Network

🔹 Cloud Engineering

🔹 DevOps Engineer

🔹 Service Desk & Helpdesk


Application Development

🔹 Developer

🔹 Quality Assurance

🔹 Application Support

🔹 Full Stack


Database / Data Scientist

🔹 Database Administrator

🔹 Data Analyst

🔹 Data Engineer

🔹 Big Data


🔹 Audit & Compliance

🔹 Cyber & Network Security


Business Development

🔹 Sales/ Account Executive

🔹 Presales Consultant

🔹 Solution Consultant


Data Center

🔹 Management

🔹 Engineering & Operation

🔹 Facility Management


🔹 Building Services

🔹 Electrical / Electronics

🔹 Sales Engineer

🔹 Draftsman


Business Analyst


Project Management


I.T. Management


Product Management

How do we find the best candidates for you?

Bayou Recruitment Process

Outsource Services

I.T. Talent Secondment Services

Our secondment service can dramatically simplify your expansion, enabling you to effectively hire staff so that they can perform sales activities, market research or set-up activities on the get-go without the need for the myriad costs, time and commitment associated with setting up an entity.

Payroll Outsourcing

An innovative HR solution designed to take the burden off your shoulders by handling all payroll related activities. Not only will you save time and money, but it also reduces the need for in-house trained payroll staff, purchasing and maintaining appropriate software packages, and staying compliant with updated legislation.

I.T. HR Staffing Services

Providing much needed support for HR operations in IT firms, our comprehensive services include payroll, insurance, leave control, working visa application etc significantly reducing headcount and costs.