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Bayou Singapore


Establish Singapore Center – Our Singapore centre was founded in 2015 and provides secondment and HR consultation services which correspond to the pressing need of talent in this rapidly developing market.

Our Services

Comprehensive Secondment Services

Bayou provides cost-effective, long-term secondment services for clients to assist with their flexible people resources planning. We help to:

  • Alleviate pressure on company downsizing, restructuring, or redundancy
  • Ease sudden and/or excess workload
  • Obtain up-to-date IT professional advice and consultancy on current market trends & strategies
  • Retain headcount but in different areas of talent

Cross-border Secondment Services

We provide a cross-border recruitment service which involves searching for the right candidate in both Hong Kong and Singapore.

For a talent from Hong Kong, we can act as an agent to apply for a working visa in Singapore.


Our centre will arrange comprehensive secondment services including :

  • 1st screening from our expert consultant in Hong Kong
  • Digital interview arrangements for cross-border candidates
  • Thorough support for the whole travel process for interviews and on-boarding arrangement
  • Working visa applications
  • A full report for candidate screening and evaluation

Payroll Outsourcing & Staffing Services

  • Provide end-to-end Payroll processing services to support your business
  • Relieve your company from attending to day-to-day staffing or payroll related routines

Secondment & Cross-border Recruitment Service